Just Milk: Community Bible Program Book


During the creation process of Just Milk, a carefully selected team spent hundreds of hours editing and designing the contents of this book to ensure that the finished product would help you to grow your faith, live your faith and share your faith! We were helped tremendously by the hand of God to be able to reach the end of that process and we’re blessed to be able to make this book available to you. Our only request is that when you do decide to invest into a copy for yourself, you would help us to honour the efforts that went into creating this resource by not sharing your purchased copy around. Please redirect anybody who may be interested in the contents of this book back to this page, as we’re 100% sure that it’s worth their investment also.

Thank you for helping us to honour the efforts that went into crafting this precious resource and we hope you enjoy reading through it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you!


The Just Milk program was born in 2008 during Clinton’s tenure as outreach director at the Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Pickering, ON. After spending several years working with newcomers, he became persuaded that a more systematic approach would help new believers grow their faith and knowledge of God’s Word in an in-depth way.


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