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The Book Review of Teach for Souls

The Book Review of Teach for Souls

This is indeed one of the most exciting times to be alive!

According to the prophecies in the Bible, the return of Jesus Christ is imminent. Millions of people have not heard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our lives as believers have become somewhat congested and distract us from fulfilling the “Great Commission”.

Teach for Souls Ministry is excited for the opportunity to invite you to join us this fall as we discuss, examine, and evaluate the book Teach for Souls: An Emergency Response to Evangelism, which is designed to draw us out of our apathy and provoke us to “Go and make disciples of all nations

Participation in these discussions will aid you in your quest to gain a deeper understanding of God’s primary plan for your life, shed light on some of the Bible’s central doctrines, and provide key insight on how to share your faith in Jesus Christ with those within your sphere of influence.

Together, we will be exposed to an in-depth and life-changing look at evangelism —the heartbeat of God.

You can join the discussion at any point.

Part 1 of the book review will begin on October 13, and will conclude on December 15.

Book Review Discussion Info

The first five chapters of Teach for Souls: An Emergency Response to Evangelism will be reviewed and discussed.

Please note that only the book’s introduction will be made accessible for viewing on the website.

Information regarding the review of the remainder of the book will be announced in February, 2023.

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